FP10.2 Resources

Here you will find some resources that may help you with FP10.2 Exponents and Radicals.

Khan Academy Videos – teacher writing on digital pad

Basic Review of Exponents

Negative Exponents

Fractional Exponents

Zero, Negative and Fractional Exponents

Simplifying Radicals

YayMath! Videos – teacher working questions in front of whiteboard

Exponent Laws

Rational Exponents, Negative Exponents, Roots

Simplifying Radicals


Exponent Laws website (worked notes with interactive activities)

Exponent Laws website (worked notes with examples)


FP10.5 Multiplying and Factoring Polynomials

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Expectations: It is expected that you follow the timeline as close as possible although you can move ahead if you feel comfortable. If you are having any difficulties with technology, please let me know ASAP so we can address them. During class time, I expect you to be working on assignments (textbook and hand in). **For this unit: All graded hand in assignments MUST have a grade of at least 75% before you will be able to write the exam. If you do not attain this, you will be asked to redo the assignment until you have met this requirement.


Mar. 3: Hand in Expectations (see bottom of post), Multiplying Polynomials (Video,  Your Turn assessment)

Mar. 6: Multiplying Polynomials Hand in

Mar. 7: GCF of Polynomials (Video, Your Turn assessment)

Mar. 8: GCF of Polynomials Hand in

Mar. 9: Difference of Squares (Video, Your Turn assessment)

Mar. 10: Difference of Squares Hand in

Mar. 13: Factoring by Grouping (Video, Your Turn assessment)

Mar. 14: Factoring by Grouping Hand in

Mar. 15: Diamond Math Problems (Video, Your Turn assessment)

Mar. 16: Factoring Trinomials in form x2+bx+c (Video, Your Turn assessment)

Mar. 20: Factoring Trinomials in form x2+bx+c Hand in

Mar. 21: Factoring by Decomposition (Video, Your Turn assessment)

Mar. 22: Factoring by Decomposition Hand in

Mar. 23: Mixed Factoring (Video, Your Turn assessment)

Mar. 24: Mixed Factoring

Mar. 27 FP10.5 Exam


Your Turn Submissions

At the end of the video, I will ask you to go to the Your Turn submission and submit your answers to the Your Turn questions.

Note about typing math: in the answers, please use ^ to denote an exponent:

The “^” symbol is above the 6 on your keyboard.